Straining Letters Into Noise


Alissa Barber (she/her)

Color. (2022)Color. explores the personal color theory experienced in everyday life. In this exploration I sampled objects that I had bought or that were given to me with colors I was drawn to. Once I had created a catalog of colors found in my everyday life, I began to explore how they make me feel. Inside this book, you will find those color samples, letters and notes written to and about my feelings and associations with each specific color. Also included are several black and white photos overlayed with different color films. Using these photos, the viewer can decide if they align personally with the color I assigned them. Keeping in mind that these photos all have specific and personal memories attached to them, those who experience the work may not agree with the color I chose for that photo because they are only able to see the surface level. In that case, they are welcome to explore how these photos feel with different color films placed on top of them. Through the experience of Color. viewers are invited to explore the unique feelings and sentiments that each color evokes.