Straining Letters Into Noise


Celia Donnelly (she/her)

Placeless Prints (2022)I'm asking you to walk up, stare and read but not necessarily keep anything in return for your watchful gaze. The matter isn't personal, but the content is. This is why I reassembled my free writing into poems. What I originally wrote in my free writing is more interesting when I rearrange it into fewer words to resemble a poem or a song. I've always liked writing the most when it's in fragments or when it's nonfiction. When writing feels most personal, I think fewer words hit harder. And when I make comics, the illustrations help fill in the blanks between those sparse words. They reveal how I'm feeling without me having to write everything out. Without me having to say exactly how I feel, I can show someone in a picture too. I was inspired by this idea and also the idea of creating a connection between poetry, graphic design, and comics – all interests of mine. I hope the prints leave you thinking and writing and drawing little notes for yourself too.