Straining Letters Into Noise


Kaya Windpainter (she/her)

Bingo for Self-Help (2022)I am a Creative. It is a lifetime pursuit that ranks above individual projects and jobs. My creative process is expressed through a multitude of mediums including but not limited to digital art, painting, collaging, embroidery, photography, and book making. I aim to support mental health care, feminism/equality, human rights, environmental protection, and dismantling the system that harms and persecutes minoritized groups. I hope my work can solve problems and make people feel seen. This project is born of my doubt that the graphic design industry has a great enough interest in self care, personal time, and work-life balance. Suffering from anxiety, I don't always have the healthiest relationship with caring for myself. I needed a way to make it fun to create new healthy habits, so I spent time studying myself and the things that made me feel whole, happy, grateful, and content and compiled them here. My intention is for the board to be broad enough and reusable so the user can develop healthier habits.