Straining Letters Into Noise


Madison Scharf She/her

Unspoken Words (2022)I produced Unspoken Words by working through journal entries and thoughts that run through my mind. I developed a process that helps me work through my thoughts and feelings in a creative way. Over a period of 10 weeks, this canvas rested in the corner of my room. Paints and markers littered around it made it easy for me to have a thought and act on it right away by walking over and making a mark. I wrote down my thoughts using charcoal and then used my hand to smear the words across the canvas. I am a combination of my past, present, and future: I weaved together past writings and letters to my future self, interlacing them to become one.There are as many layers to this piece as there are to my thoughts. The purposeful illegibility allows the unspoken words to still only be spoken by me.