Straining Letters Into Noise


Jalen Burwell (he/him)

Introspection (2022)For “Introspection”, I used collaging to symbolize how fragmented experiences have the ability to come together and create a bigger picture. No matter how miniscule a portion seems, every part was placed with intention and contributed to the final product. By using this process, I was able to showcase the various emotions and thoughts that encapsulated my mind over the last semester or so. I created two collages: the first showcasing the primary stages of my journey through self-reflection, and the second depicting the healing aspects of the experience. The poems I created to accompany the visual aspects of my work communicate my emotions in a more explicit manner. It is important to have an outlet that allows you to let go of the troubles weighing you down. I hope this piece encourages others to process their feelings and use them as a source of creative inspiration.