Straining Letters Into Noise


Noel Foltz (she/her)

Searching Within My Soul (2022)As an interdisciplinary artist, I work with various mediums to translate my thoughts into a visual language. My art translates what is inside me to the page, canvas, or whatever medium my heart chooses. This translation is deeply personal as I use it to cope with my feelings during certain periods of my life. Searching Within the Soul specifically focuses on translating my subconscious-level intuitive thoughts through a practice called SoulCollage®.

I went on a journey to create these cards with my mom, who is a trained SoulCollage® facilitator, and then used my cards to journal their messages for me. I ultimately chose to portray the eight cards I created and corresponding journal prompts with a series of posters. Every piece of the poster was made with intention, from the layout of the gradient, to the order of the cards. My goal for the poster series was for the viewer to not know which phrase went with which card, as interpretations of one's own SoulCollage® cards are not to be commented on by others. I hope that by viewing my pieces you are able to get a sense of the meditation that happened within me and are inspired to create your own cards.

For more info about the SoulCollage® process visit: https://community.soulcollage.com/