Straining Letters Into Noise


Julia Spewak

The Past, The Present, The Future, And The Warmth To Supplement Them (2022) This project is an exploration of the past, present, and future across three 18” x 24” quilts, using images and writings abstracted via various means of hand sewing and machine embroidery. The quilt has always been a sacred object to me, fossilizing memories, suspending them in time, comforting the user as time moves ever forward. Blue represents the “Past”, sweetened like a once-sour candy, its taste begging to be forgotten; pink represents the “Present”, every memory I choose to carry with me in my back pocket; yellow represents the “Future”, the speculative, the inconceivable. Special thanks to Amelia Magee for documentation of the project depicted in the imagery on the “Present” quilt.